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All frequencies are equal

LF and HF systems have their value especially in extreme physical situations. The features of UHF systems can even, in some circumstances, get in the way.

Discover how AEG ID supports all frequencies and why LF, HF and UHF have their specific advantages.


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What makes us unique?

What distinguishes AEG ID is our knowledge that has grown over decades and our unique vertical range of manufacture. Our employees have mastered all production processes – our know-how covers technologies ranging from chips and transponders to readers and aerials. This comprehensive approach and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies enable us to develop products and solutions that we can really call innovative with a clear conscience.
We have a production capacity with which we can handle product quantities ranging from extremely small to large international orders. We are active worldwide with a network of regional sales partners. AEG ID has employees at its Ulm site in Germany and at its Vrchlabi production site in the Czech Republic.

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