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AEG ID implements climate-positive RFID production



AEG ID Honored for Commitment to Climate Protection and Sustainability!

AEG ID in Baden-W├╝rttemberg is a founding member of the Alliance for Development and Climate, which was initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in fall 2018. The goal is the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. Already in 2019, AEG ID was one of the first RFID manufacturers worldwide to be certified as climate neutral. In 2022, the Ulm-based RFID reader and transponder specialist received the "Climate-positive Company and Climate-positive Products" certification. This is unique in the RFID industry.

Sustainable Production in Germany and the Czech Republic

AEG ID operates two production and development sites in Ulm, Germany and in Vrchlabi, Czech Republic. The production of RFID readers and transponders takes place at both sites. "Production is subject to strict quality and sustainability specifications," explains Simon Arch, Director Marketing and Sales, AEG ID: "For example, only certain environmentally friendly plastics and laser fillers may be used. In addition, the products are certified according to ISO standards."
The greenhouse gas emissions of the company and its products were audited and recorded on behalf of AEG ID by the independent Fokus Zukunft. All AEG ID processes were ecologically and economically examined and no significant emission saving potentials identified. Therefore, emissions are offset with the purchase of climate protection certificates.

Regional and International Sustainability Projects Implemented

With the climate protection certificates, AEG ID supports a forest protection project in Brazil (Verified Carbon Standard) and a hydropower plant in Uganda (UN CER Standard). In 2020, the company was awarded the "Climate Promoter 2020" award by the Senate of the Economy for its global commitment to climate protection.

Regionally, AEG ID is taking action against bee mortality. Bee colonies were already settled on the company premises in 2019. In total, about 60,000 bees live there.

"The sustainability rojects as well as the commitment to ensuring our future viability are perceived positively," emphasizes Simon Arch. "The corporate identity is shaped by clearly defined sustainability values and goals. Commitment to greater sustainability is an essential part of corporate responsibility to counteract climate pollution."

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