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AEG ID comments on trends in the RFID industry


Local Customer Partnerships and Solutions for Supply Chain Difficulties with Regional Partners and Developments

AEG ID is a specialist for RFID components. Both transponders and readers are part of the product portfolio. Like many other companies, AEG ID is affected by global challenges such as semiconductor shortages, material shortages and supply bottlenecks. Simon Arch, Director Marketing and Sales, AEG ID, comments on the developments and trends in the RFID industry in an interview.


Customer-specific RFID Product Development

Mr. Arch, what are the latest trends in the RFID industry with regard to product development?

Simon Arch: Customers are increasingly demanding individual product customizations. This is not a new trend per se, but these requests are increasing. Many companies have recognized that RFID is an enabling technology. For this reason, manufacturers of RFID components are already working with customers during product development. One example is the ARE i9 UHF reader, which AEG ID will launch on the market before the end of 2022 to complete the new family of reader devices. LF and HF variants of the device have already been launched successfully.. Adaptations of the devices, such as the design, are easily possible. A wide range of application areas can be served where a compact industrial reader is needed.


Industry Development During Material and Semiconductor Shortage

How is the RFID industry overcoming the challenges of material shortages and semiconductor shortages?

Arch: Manufacturers update products with available components. This helps to mitigate the impacts of the material shortages. However, delivery times have increased. Long-term material planning for customers and stockpiling of components also improve product availability. Here, AEG ID also relies on its longstanding partnerships with suppliers.

How have partnerships within the RFID industry changed?

Arch: Due to material shortages and supply bottlenecks, a trend towards more regionality is emerging. RFID manufacturers and partners in Europe are building local production capacity and forging new partnerships with local companies. AEG ID develops and produces exclusively in Germany and the Czech Republic to remain independent. Exhibitions such as the Wireless IoT tomorrow have a strong signaling effect in this respect. These are
a hub for new partnerships and they promote the exchange of difficulties and stocks as well as mutual support. This includes contacts with partners and market associates. Cooperation in Europe has taken on a new quality due to the global crises.

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