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RFID Transponders and Readers developed according to Cross-Industry requirements!

AEG ID has been producing RFID components since 1989. Both transponders and readers are part of the product portfolio. The application areas of the solutions include security, animal identification, industry, logistics, drum and container management as well as maintenance and testing technology.
Product development is carried out according to cross-industry as well as customer-specific

AEG ID provides customer support from product development on

AEG ID develops customer-specific solutions. Products are available with individual designs and functionalities. "An increasing number of companies are recognizing RFID as an enabling technology. It is no longer seen as a 'nice-to-have' or add-on," explains Simon Arch, Director Marketing and Sales, AEG ID. "With RFID, concrete process optimizations are achieved and traceability is increased. Almost every week, customers approach AEG ID with new applications and requirements."

"RFID technology is critical for innovative companies," Arch continued. "They think cross-functionally for multiple manufacturing steps, production areas and materials management. AEG ID helps these companies integrate the matching technology starting with product design."

Benefits of RFID achieved throughout the product lifecycle

"The benefits of RFID go beyond object identification," explains Simon Arch. If a transponder remains in the product for its entire service life, it is 100 percent traceable. RFID helps to control and document processes - from components to production to disposal or recycling plus service and maintenance services."
These advantages can be achieved across all sectors. In the final development step of the new UHF reader ARE i9 UHF, requirements and requests from different industries are combined in one product. Different characteristics and designs and easy customization are possible. The ACM 9 and the ARE i9 offer user-specific functionalities. "Many companies are still shying away from RFID deployment," explains Simon Arch. "AEG ID stands for supporting companies with its know-how to understand RFID technology as an opportunity for process optimization and implementing it with individual solutions."

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